How Opkey is helpful in test automation of web applications?

Opkey is an Agnostic Test Automation Platform which simplifies your complex test automation by using unique keyword driven approach. It offers you code-less Script creation platform, data driven testing, record and play, execution on cloud etc. Opkey has more than 700 inbuilt keywords which can handle every typical scenarios efficiently. It works as a complete Test Automation platform for web applications.

Is there any programming language knowledge required to work with Opkey?

No, you are not required to have any programming knowledge to work with Opkey. It provides a unique platform which makes available more than 700 inbuilt keywords, which covers almost all generic automation actions required.

Can we run same test simultaneously in two machines with Opkey?

Yes, Opkey allows you to perform execution over cloud, where you can easily put the same test suite to run on different OS browser combinations. Opkey also allows you to run the same test on two different machines. You can do so by using the Opkey scheduler feature and schedule the same suite to be run on two different test machines which has Opkey Agent installed.

Which kind of applications can be automated with Opkey?

You can automate all kinds applications (Web, Desktop, Mobile) by using Opkey. In addition, it allows you to automate popular CRM applications (Salesforce, Workday, TrackWise, OracleEBs etc.).

Which web browser(s) are supported by Opkey?

Opkey (with Windows OS) supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers while Opkey (with Mac OS) supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari web browsers.

Is there any system requirement for using Opkey?

Being a web application, Opkey doesn’t require any system requirement but you must have JDK (version 8 or above) installed on your machine. In addition, you need Opkey Execution Agent & Opkey Smart Recorder installed on your machine for execution and recording through Opkey respectively.

Can you log into Teachable using Opkey Portal credentials?

No. The Support Portal and the Opkey University are separate. You will need to register an account for Teachable. It is Best Practice that you use the same email address for both platforms.

What is the difference between "My Courses" and "All Courses" on the navigation bar?

After you have signed up for the school, "My Courses" will only show you the courses that you have enrolled to. "All Courses" shows all courses of Opkey University.

How do I enroll to a course?

After logging in, go to "All Courses", select the course that you want to take. You will then see the course's welcome page. Here, click on "Enroll". 

I have forgotten my password, how can I reset it?

You can reset your password, by using this link: Please be aware you need to be able to receive emails from Teachable to be able to complete this process.

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