Overview: Automation Beginner Course for Oracle Cloud ERP

The Automation Beginner Course for Oracle Cloud ERP is your first step to becoming specialized in Oracle Cloud automation via OpKey. This beginner-level training course is designed to be completely taken as self-paced learning. It is specially intended for automation engineers who want to learn and automate test scripts specifically for Oracle Cloud ERP. Our training resources are available when and where you need it includes video tutorials, exercises, exams, and much more. After the course, you will be able to put your new knowledge into practice and thus find optimal solutions for your Oracle Cloud solutions. To start with this, course no previous knowledge of OpKey or test automation is required, manual testing knowledge is sufficient.

 Take our beginner course and become a do-it-yourself Oracle Cloud automation expert!  


This beginner course consists of seven integrated training sessions. These training modules are of different scope and duration and are designed to be taken successively in a specific order to develop your knowledge of automation testing on the OpKey testing platform for Oracle Cloud ERP. Once you are done with the sessions it is required to take and pass assessments after each session and a final exam. Finally, you need to appear for the online certification exam.

 Upon completion of the training sessions, you will be certified as an OpKey Certified Specialist for Oracle.

Minimum System Requirements

  • OpKey Agent
  • OpKey’s Oracle Fusion Plugin
  • PDF Viewer
  • Broadband/ high-speed internet connection
  • Network to support WebSockets Port 443, SSL
  • Speakers or headphones

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